About Ken Mercurio

I live in Monroe, Ohio with partner Janet Amuchastegui, and ride my bike all over Butler and adjoining counties.  My new book is HEAD OVER WHEELS, an inspirational account of my bike accident that severely broke my neck, and my recovery to be able to ride again. Published by Sunbury Press: http://www.sunburypressstore.com/Head-Over-Wheels-9781620064986.htm.

The events in the book take place in Simi Valley, CA, where I lived all my life until 2011. Prior to my accident in 2007, I rode across the U.S. in just 32 days (115 mile daily average). After my accident and recovery, I rode the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Natchez Trace Parkway, Great Lakes tour, Butte ( MT) to Fairbanks (AK) tour, Shenandoah Valley tour, Ohio’s TOSRV ride, and many centuries.

I worked 31 years for Carnation Co/Nestlé USA in nutrition and regulatory affairs, retiring in 2006. My son is a physicist in Columbia, SC and my daughter is a marketing professor at University of Oregon.



2 thoughts on “About Ken Mercurio

  1. Steve Bickel says:


    Barbara and I just read about your book (and accident) in the UC Davis alumni magazine. We had no idea you had left sunny Southern California for Ohio. Would love to catch up as obviously a lot has happened since we last got together.

    Go Ags !

    Barbara and Steve Bickel


  2. Barry Clendaniel says:

    Just finished reading your book on our flight from LA to Kauai, really enjoyed it. Brought back many memories of good old Hawthorne and just how much it meant to me, something that I had not thought about for a long time.just shows life moves on no matter what’s thrown at you, deal with the cards you are dealt and make the best of every situation. Thanks again for the story and the memories


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